Thursday, May 10, 2007

Overhead View for Gorillas Don't Blog Post of 5/09/07

A post in response to a backwards or not question on Gorillas Don't Blog post on the big river.


Davelandweb said...

Thanks for posting this, Matterhorn. I'm amazed at the amount of people who felt the need to tell Gorilla there was an error; too bad as many people can't leave comments about all of us doing something RIGHT!

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks for the helpful photo, Matterhorn...I am ashamed to say that even after all the explanations I still didn't "get it", but now it's as clear as can be. (Look, the Columbia is under construction, cool!)

And Daveland, I actually thought the discussion was kind of fun...I wasn't feeling picked on. But I appreciate your support, we bloggers have to stick together!

Anonymous said...

The discussion on Majors site was fun - not mean spirited! Certainly no one was being picked on. Pointing out an error indicates nothing more than sharing some knowledge. It's how we all learn. And it's fun! When you note a lack of comments, that usually indicates agreement. So take the silence as a compliment (as well as any discussions!). We enjoy what you guys are doing! Thanks!

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Totally agree with anonymous above. You guys just keep on keepin' on!