Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jungle River Cruise Adventureland July 1955

The next land the photographer visited on July 22, 1955 was Adventureland. During the first years of operation for Disneyland, the Jungle River Cruise was one of the big rides. This ride has the same popularity that Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean has today. It was definitely a different attraction from other amusement park rides.

One of the Jungle River launches as seen from the loading dock.

The Cambodian temple shrine that the jungle is taking back.

Smiley the crocodile looking for a hand out. In the early years the live narration focused on the educational and nature commentary. However the spiel changed and became more humorous, especially after Marc Davis sketched some scenes that were then incorporated into the ride.


Peter VINCENT said...

I love this whole series of B/W photos.
In the words of Tony the Tiger "They're Gre-e-a-a-t-t!!


Major Pepperidge said...

According to Viewmaster reels, the crocodile was called "Old Smiley", and you can see why!

Anonymous said...

Indeed he was called "Old Smiley". From a former JC cast member....or in those days we called ourselves 'jungle bunnies'.