Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pendleton Exhibit Frontierland

One of my favorite shops in Disneyland was the Pendleton exhibit in Frontierland. The store featured the full range of Pendleton clothing and blankets. Though I never purchased anything, it was fun to look at the clothing and also the decorations inside the store.


K. Martinez said...

One of my favorite Disneyland stores. I've even purchased some clothing here back in the day. Sad that quality places like these are gone from Disneyland. Thanks for sharing.

walterworld said...

My Big Brother and I used to walk through the Pendleton shop every time we were in the park... And then finally one year my Bro bought a wool shirt that looked great...but turned out to be itchy as heck!

Anyway, I need to ask him if he still has it...