Tuesday, April 05, 2016

San Diego Sea World Circa Late 1960s.

My hometown theme park is Sea World. A lovely park filled with sea creatures, a Japanese Village, a great water fountain show and the Hawaiian Punch Village. As the park matured, more thrill rides have been added. First up is a view the same as yesterday, but showing more of the actual stadium and show floor. (I was mistaken yesterday, the image is of this show stadium and show water.) This is a great view showing the dolphins swimming around a wonderful floating Tiki. I wonder where this Tiki is now living, if it even still exists and did not rot away.

The second image is the Penguin and Seal show from the Royal Crown Cola Penguin and Seal Arena. This was one of my favorite shows when I would visit the park. On the rare occasions we were allowed to drink soda, I remember it sometimes being Royal Crown Cola.

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