Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Behind the Scenes of Swiss Family Robinson

Diverging a little from the theme park images I am posting from a set of images sent out in the 1990s press kit for the Walt Disney film Swiss Family Robinson. All the images are marked behind the scene and feature some nice images of the sets and actors from the film. First up is a nice glamour shot of Janet Munro as Bertie. I just read her biography and she had a somewhat tragic life and was dead at the age of 38. I love the details of her costume and the sun definitely makes for a beautiful image.

The second image features the actors on a break drinking Coca Cola. The famous Japanese silent film star Sessue Hayakawa as Kuala the Pirate chief and in the background is James MacArthur as Fritz. I do not recognize the actress. I love the behind the scene look at this landmark film. Of course, the film is the source for the best treehouse attraction.


K. Martinez said...

Wow!!! These are really great! I love stuff like this. I collect studio cards, stills and memorabilia from Walt Disney live-action films dating from the mid 1950's to early 1980's. I hope you have more to share of this type. Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, neat. Is it just a coincidence that Janet Munro was mentioned in the comments on my blog, or is she on everyone's mind for a reason? Maybe my commenters looked at your blog first!

Molly the Disney Freak said...

Super neat! This is one of my favorite movies. I remember watching it when I was around six years old and thinking the pirates had really fallen from those incredible heights -- then I was so confused when my parents told me they were just dolls! Thanks for sharing (: