Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Santa Fe Disneyland Railroad At Main Street Station 1959

Today's post features the Santa Fe Disneyland railroad at the Main Street Station in 1959. The first image is an unusual view from outside the park. Note the chain link fence in the foreground, the delivery bicycle on the right hand side, the souvenir stand, and the great Disneyland 1959 banner hanging over the west entrance tunnel. The train is engine number 1 the C. K. Holliday pulling into station.

Next image is from the entrance looking at the station head on with the Mickey topiary in the foreground. It appears the train set is a mixed train, and there are no posters and no guests posing in front of the station. The bunting on the train adds a festive, Americana touch.

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Jeff said...

Correction: The first photo shows the eastern entrance tunnel.