Thursday, December 05, 2013

Happy Birthday Walt

Today is the 112th Birthday for Walt Disney. In order to celebrate, I am featuring some of the images of Walt Disney I have posted throughout the years. The first image and one of my favorites is Walt Disney with one of his new toys, the Monorail.

Next is a candid shot of Walt at the studio at an art show. I believe the gentleman in the striped shirt is John Hench.

Walt proudly poses with the 1965 Tour Guide of the Year Suzanne Fuller.

Although not a fantastic image of Walt, a very historic snapshot of Walt Disney on Disneyland's openining day on July 17, 1955. He is seen here with Governor Goodwin Knight before the first official run of the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad.

From the same set of snapshots, Walt Disney riding in the opening day parade. He looks satisfied in these pictures.

Walt was proud of his new attractions. In this photograph he poses proudly with a model of the Matterhorn.

Walt would visit the park and one of his favorite attractions was the Railroad. Here he is exiting the cab of the C.K. Holliday engine.

The last image for today is a rare shot of Walt Disney at ease. This time Walt, Lillian, Diane and Sharon are on the SS Lurline to Hawaii in 1948. I love the amount of leis on the group.

I hope you all can make it a Walt Disney day and also remember Diane Disney Miller.


MRaymond said...

Happy Birthday, Walt, and thank you for the greatest memories of all.

K. Martinez said...

All images today are great! I remember when Walt was alive, but now it seems so long ago like it was another world.

Thanks for a great post and remembrance of Walt Disney.

Major Pepperidge said...

I love that picture of Walt in front of the Matterhorn model!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Love this!

I remember seeing Walt in the Park but our family connection started before then - my mother spending time at Griffith Park with her family and then she took us there, too. Knowing that park inspired Disneyland, well, it's like Walt was our neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Walt is very much alive in his parks-movies-his studio and in our hearts. Which is shared in the new book "the ghost of Walt Disney & me" available on