Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last Three Views from 1959 Trip

The last three images from the same group of slides I have been featuring the last week and a half. First up is a shot from the exit of the Main Street Station. Check out the fantastic display of attraction posters hanging on the fence.

Next up is an audience shot from Carnations Garden. The bobby tailed teen is very cute.

Final image is of the long gone Plantation Inn with it's lovely plantation style architecture for this restaurant.


Major Pepperidge said...

There's a rare "Satellite View of America" poster!

K. Martinez said...

Nice Chicken Plantation image.

aubre baughman said...

I’ve got a collection of about 8 animitronic & attraction pieces from the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland. They are the singing flowers including tulips and the rose,…. also teacup and some other ride related stuff… anybody interested? Would like to do lot sale, but will consider breaking up for individual sales. Hope I don’t offend anybody on here… not meaning to spam anybody… just want them to go to real Disney lovers and don’t know where else to find them LOL… No offense everybody! My email is Abrebaughman (At) Yahoo (dot ) com.
at 1:10 you see a red rose flower... that's one of them
at 1:16 there's some tulips a yellow one and a red one I think on the right side of teh screen... there's like 4 of those I think... here's a little video I found which SHOWS the actual items when they were IN the ride...