Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Enchanted Forest Elliot City Maryland 1955

Today I start a series of images of the Enchanted Forest once located in Elliot City, Maryland. The attraction was one of the first Fairy Tale themed amusement parks in the United States. The attraction opened August 15, 1955. Currently parts of the park are located at a farm after being saved from redevelopment. You can read more about the park at Enchanted Forest. The first view is of a lovely young lady posing with the entrance sign.

Next up is a nice image of the Old Mill. The coloration is neat and projects a fairy tale vibe. I love how close the park is to the street in the background.


K. Martinez said...

The second image reminds me of Children's Fairyland in Oakland which I visited when I was a child in the early sixties.

Thanks for the link. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I think you actually meant Ellicott City, as there is no Elliot City. Just a friendly fyi :-)