Monday, February 11, 2013

He is In Love With That Girl

Larry really loved Sally and took some lovely pictures of her posing throughout Disneyland. First up is a lovely shot of Sally riding King Arthur's Carrousel in Fantasyland.

Next up she poses on the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad while at the Frontierland station.

A blurry shot of Sally standing on Main Street. I believe this is the side entrance into what is now the Jewelry store.

I believe this image is from the lobby at the Blue Bayou. The flash makes Sally look very angelic.


K. Martinez said...

These photos make me curous about where they are now. Are they both still together? Are they both still alive? Do they know they are being featured on a Disneyland fan blog?

These photos beg for a "Where Are they Now" article.

Anonymous said...

And perhaps I was working one of those days as a CM and we just happend to pass by each other.