Saturday, February 11, 2012

Incidential Intelligence On Freedomland

Some more press releases from the Freedomland Press packet. The Incidential Intelligence on Freedomland has some nice information on the various designers and personnel involved in starting and operating the theme park. Some nice information and names for those nomenclaturist out there.

This is also a neat little piece definitely from a public relations firm.

To add a little color, here is a neat sketch for the lollipops sold at Freedomland.


Major Pepperidge said...

"Johnny Freedom"? Never heard of that!

Meanwhile, the Freedom Pop does not look very delicious!

Katella Gate said...

I'd never heard of Johnny Freedom, so... through the magic of Google, here's both the opening verses and the tune.

"When our country was a baby and the Redcoats had their way
It was he who had a party tossin' tea in Boston Bay
It was he who braved the winter in the days of Valley Forge
Fightin' side by side together with a fella name of George.


Johnny Freedom, Johnny Freedom
You can meet him on each page of history
He's the spirit of a bear cub
Our country's pride and joy
Hats off to Johnny Freedom, Johnny Freedom
That's our boy."

The full set of lyrics can be found at

And the unforgettable tune can be found at

I will say this, the song goes *perfectly* with the attraction posters I've seen for Freedomland...