Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"it's a small world"

A nice set of photographs featuring the front of "it's a small world." First up is the family posing in front of the sign. The little girl in the middle is using the built in sunglasses on her hat.

Next up are images of the wonderful clock at the front of the attraction. This clock was designed by Rolly Crump and features a great kinetic parade.


Connie Moreno said...

In that last photo I see that guests are exiting where now we load. When did they change that?

ZuluMagoo said...
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ZuluMagoo said...

The little girl with the hat/glasses in the first picture is adorable!

Anonymous said...

@Connie, I believe the load queues were reversed sometime in the late '80's when the toy $ales pavilion was added. It was finished when I brought my little ones in early '90's.

The exit was re-routed to take you past and through the toys.