Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another Saturday and More Views of the Walt Disney Studio on Hyperion Avenue

Sorry for the delay in putting up this post. My computer has been acting up. Here are more images from the Ink and Paint department member in the late 1930s. The first appears to be a ladies lunch with a great story being told.

The second image are of two happy employees in their lab coats worn when painting to reduce the amount of lint ending up on the cels.

This image shows the architecture of some of the surrounding houses. I believe the house in the upper left hand corner was one where the animators were housed during production of Snow White and Pinocchio.

This is one of my favorite images, the sundeck and patio. The chairs are a great design and the large ceramic trash can ashtray is amazing.

The final image shows one of the cels being inked.


Progressland said...

Those chairs are pretty nifty. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful images of the Studio!

Hans Perk said...

The lady on the right in image 17 is clearly I&P head Helen Nerbovig as identified on image 4...
Thanks again for the wonderful images and please keep'em comin'!

sundaynight said...

That lounge area is a fantastic shot. Love those shaded chairs. And what an interesting view of the surrounding area. Ahhh. The warm California sun!

Hans Perk said...

Image 18 - the middle one - is MY favorite shot - not only is it the back of the (extended) original studio, but the angel who took the photograph is seen partly reflected in the window stabilizing herself against the octagonal part of the new building! Who knows - maybe they moved the wall back when they extended the building backwards - then the window on the right would be the one Roy Disney projected the famed Steamboat Willie clip through that night in March 1928, proving to Walt and his crew that animated pictures could talk!

By the way, the building top left is still there, on the other side of Hyperion Ave. wedged in between larger lots.

outsidetheberm said...

Gadzooks, these are nice!